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Supplements that Boost Your Immune System

The immune system is responsible for defending our bodies against bacteria’s that cause diseases. This means that without a strong immune system our body wouldn’t be able to fight against these bacteria. Therefore it’s crucial for each and every human being to have a strong immune system mostly during a cold season where some of the bacteria caused diseases are very common. Sometimes the immune system may become weak. This gives rise to the need for supporting it by use of supplements. Below are some of the supplements which you can use to boost your immune system


This is a purpura extract that is commonly used in the prevention and treatment of contagious diseases especially in children and the elderly. This supplement is also very effective in patients whose immune systems have been compromised. It contains powerful stimulants which are responsible for boosting your immune system. Research shows that it’s very effective on recurring infections such as flu and colds. This is due to its antimicrobial property against viruses and bacteria.


This is one of the most effective immune booster supplement. Probiotics are bacteria that support your immune system. They help your body to digest nutrients which in return facilitates detoxification of the colon hence boosting your immune system. Apart from boosting your immunity, it’s also very effective in fixing immune imbalance and autoimmune diseases. In the digestive system, probiotics strengthen the barrier functions of the linings of the intestines. By so doing they reduce the probability of bacteria in the intestines entering into your blood stream.

N-acetyl cysteine (NAC)

This supplement is like an amino acid cysteine. It helps your immune system in the following ways.
NAC is an antioxidant, hence it restores your glutathione to optimal levels which in return boost your immune system to optimal functionalities.
• It helps in the clearing of mucus in your respiratory diagnosis.
• The study shows that is very effective in detoxifying to prevent or cure kidney and liver. This detoxifying property helps the NAC to counteract the side effects of medicines and environmental toxins.

Astragalus root

Astragalus root has been used for ages as an immune system booster and a cure. Its roots are commonly used as an adaptogen in medicine. Having in mind that a strong immune system is defined by how healthy your body is, Astragals roots are very effective in detoxifying your body from the toxins brought about by drugs and other treatment methods. It’s also a very good antioxidant thus helps in maintaining the health of your various organs. It’s consumed 3 times per day.

From time to time your immune system may become weak. Therefore it’s of paramount importance for you to consider taking some of the above supplements in order to boost your immunity. By so doing your immune system will be boosted hence be able to defend your body against bacteria.